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Why You Should Attend PILMMA Super Summit 2019

2019 PILMMA Super Summit in New Orleans, LA

The 10th Annual PILMMA Super Summit in New Orleans is only a month away! On June 25th-28th, lawyers will gather to learn from other successful lawyers with tips to improve their practices.

Still not sure about attending? Here’s why you should go to PILMMA Super Summit 2019.

Acquire Knowledge from Successful Lawyers & Legal Industry Experts

By attending, you will learn practical, useful information from lawyers and professionals who have seen tremendous growth within their own firms in the past few years. They will reveal their secrets for success.

Learn how to:

  • Set your firm apart from the competition
  • Create websites to drive online conversions
  • Implement marketing, faster!
  • Increase intake conversions and case inventory
  • Leverage YouTube
  • Get more online reviews
  • Diversify into the mass tort arena (“Bonus Day”)

Don’t miss advice from intake experts. Our very own Tom Ball will join the “Intake Panel” on day two during the Marketing Track, along with a variety of other reputable intake experts. The panel will take place on Thursday, June 27 at 10:00-10:50 a.m. Learn from these experts on how a superior intake system can make a world of difference at your law firm!

Make Lasting Connections

Like any legal convention, the PILMMA Super Summit is a great place to network and create relationships that will last a lifetime. From chatting with fellow lawyers to meeting with legal vendors, the businesses who support law firms like yours, you are sure to walk away with new connections that could greatly benefit your firm’s future.

We hope that you make a connection with us, Alert Communications. Stop by our booth, #22, at any time during the conference and we’d love to discuss your current intake processes and how you can improve them to maximize your marketing efforts. We are passionate about boosting conversion rates, and we want to help increase your overall return on investment!

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