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What Size Law Firm Benefits from a Call Center?

Regardless of the size of your law firm, you will face many challenges when it comes to handling incoming calls. This includes acquiring the proper tools, resources and support to capture and...

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How a Legal Intake Service Can Reduce Your Staffing Needs

With a receptionist in charge of the front desk at your law firm, you can ensure all client correspondence and scheduling is managed to your expectations. They can act as a primary point of...

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The Major Differences in Legal Call Centers (and What You Should Look For)

You’ve probably encountered several legal call centers, each with a common goal - to help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your firm by handling your incoming calls and inquiries....

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Talk Time vs. Work Time: What Do They Mean for Law Firms?

When you partner with a legal call center, you have to consider two key metrics, talk time and work time, to get the most value of this partnership.

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The Common Misconceptions of Working With a Legal Call Center

A law firm gains many benefits by working with a legal call center, such as being able to connect with new clients 24-7-365 and “closing the deal” with a prospect right away instead of leaving him...

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The True Costs of a Receptionist (and How Alert Can Help You Save Money)

Receptionists play a critical role in law firms. They are typically the primary points of contact and the gatekeepers within the office, plus they have a number of responsibilities that go beyond...

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How to Know If Your Legal Intake Partner is Working For You

Teaming with a legal intake partner is instrumental in ensuring your law firm’s success. There are specific strategies your partner should use to not only capture a large number of leads, but...

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How a Bilingual Legal Answering Service Can Improve Client Retention and Loyalty

More than 350 different languages are spoken in homes across the United States with Spanish following close behind English in popularity, as reported by the United States Census Bureau. As the...

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3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Legal Clients

Today is the international day of love, so why not celebrate by showing some love to those who keep your law firm running?

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Calculating the Cost of Losing a Legal Lead

The success of your law firm greatly depends on your ability to generate, capture and convert new leads into paying clients. Each new lead can prove invaluable, as one client can bring in more...

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