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The True Costs of a Receptionist (and How Alert Can Help You Save Money)

Receptionists play a critical role in law firms. They are typically the primary points of contact and the gatekeepers within the office, plus they have a number of responsibilities that go beyond...

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How a Bilingual Legal Answering Service Can Improve Client Retention and Loyalty

More than 350 different languages are spoken in homes across the United States with Spanish following close behind English in popularity, as reported by the United States Census Bureau. As the...

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3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Legal Clients

Today is the international day of love, so why not celebrate by showing some love to those who keep your law firm running?

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Are Your Legal Answering Services Hurting or Helping Your Business?

Is your legal answering service meeting your business needs? Are they pushing you closer toward your goals, or delivering poor results? The answers to these questions are critical to the success...

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Is Your Legal Answering Service Just Not Cutting it?

Your law firm staff can’t be on call 24/7, but you have potential clients who will call at all hours of the day. A legal answering service allows you to have this additional coverage and support...

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Lead Tracking and CRM Integration: Legal Intake Musts

There are a number of factors that come into play when creating a superior legal intake process. You need a fast response during first contact, trained specialists who are skilled at intake and...

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5 Things Every Legal Client Intake Form Should Have

When a potential client calls your law firm, your legal intake form is critical to ensuring you have the information you need to assess their immediate needs and effectively screen and qualify...

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Legal Inbound Call Services Will Improve Attorney-Client Relationships

Do you feel like your law firm is losing leads due to poor call answering habits?

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7 Questions to Answer to Properly Evaluate Your Intake Process

A poorly constructed client intake process can severely hinder your income potential as a law firm. If you can’t capture leads immediately and sign clients on the initial call, you may have...

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5 Things Your Legal Intake Partner Should Be Doing

Operating a law firm can be challenging when it comes to client services. There never seems to be enough time or bandwidth to handle the little...

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On the Alert Communications Blog we're publishing articles dedicated to helping your law firm improve client intake and increase marketing ROI. Our team of experts regularly research, report on, and write about topics that help us super serve the legal industry, and specifically the personal injury and mass tort sectors.    

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