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9 Law Firm Call Handling Mistakes to Avoid

For law firms, proper call handling is integral to successful client conversion, yet not all firms put enough emphasis on the intake process. This lets potential clients slip through the cracks.  ...

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Legal Client Intake: 5 Things to Know

High-quality legal client intake is the key to any law firm's success. By optimizing your intake system, you can improve your firm's bottom line and boost client satisfaction. There are five...

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4 Alternatives to Hiring an In-House Receptionist for Your Law Firm

Many law firms hire in-house receptionists to handle incoming calls. While they may do an excellent job answering the phone, they might not have the sufficient experience, bandwidth, time, or...

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5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Use Legal Intake Professionals

Legal intake professionals are the key to a successful client conversion process. Regardless of how strong a law firm's marketing tactics are, without a top-notch intake team, potential clients...

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How a Legal Intake Call Center Can Create More Time in Your Workweek

Partnering with a legal intake call center comes with a variety of benefits. From lead loss prevention to higher conversion rates, outsourcing legal intake can improve your law firm's bottom line...

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Performing Intake for Bankruptcy Leads

Filing bankruptcy stirs many negative feelings for a debtor; the emotional toll of numerous debts is frustrating and leads to anxiety and stress. There is also a social stigma associated with...

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4 Ways Law Firms Can Scale Client Intake

Whether you are part of a large law practice or a solo practitioner, growing your law clientele means undertaking a vigorous client intake process. Client intake is an essential, but...

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How to Qualify Mass Tort Leads

In these uncertain economic times, converting leads into signed clients in a timely manner and stopping their shopping process is more important than ever. In order to convert, fast and accurate...

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How to Know if Your Law Firm Is Losing Too Many Leads

As a law firm, it is critical to know how many leads you're able to acquire. Equally important is knowing how many leads are falling through the cracks.

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Time for a Legal Answering Service Upgrade?

The wrong answering service can end up costing you in the long run.

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A Blog for Law Firms:

On the Alert Communications Blog we're publishing articles dedicated to helping your law firm improve client intake and increase marketing ROI. Our team of experts regularly research, report on, and write about topics that help us super serve the legal industry, and specifically the personal injury and mass tort sectors.    

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      9 Law Firm Call Handling Mistakes to Avoid

      For law firms, proper call handling is integral to successful client conversion, yet not all firms put enough emphasis on the intake process. This[...]