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Converting Legal Leads: Lawyers vs. Legal Intake Specialists

Many lawyers attempt to save money by responding to and converting incoming leads themselves. Lawyers have many skills that overlap with those needed to convert legal leads, including a superior...

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Emerging Litigation: NUEDEXTA

In 2017, CNN investigated a "little red pill" that was raking in millions of dollars a year - supposedly due to aggressive targeting of elderly nursing home patients. Fast forward to 2020, the...

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How Legal Call Centers Change the Lead's Buyer's Journey

Every successful law firm has a solid sales funnel that attracts and converts potential legal leads. How a firm fits into a lead's journey usually determines whether that lead stays or goes to the...

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5 Ways H-1B Visas Will Change in 2020

The denial rate for H-1B visa initial employment petitions is increasing drastically. In 2010, it was at 8%. In 2015, it dropped to 6%. Since then, the rate has been rising at a fast pace. It took...

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Optimizing Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

Is optimization part of your law firm's inbound marketing strategy? If not, your firm could be missing the opportunity to add valuable clients and even more revenue.

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Legal Intake Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

A potential lead's initial contact with your intake team is the first glimpse they have into your law firm. A bad experience could mean a quick end to that prospect's journey with your practice.

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The 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Law Firm's Efficiency

Many law firms are not taking advantage of the various ways they can increase their business' efficiency and still have a positive return on investment (ROI).

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Is Legal Call Center Intake One-Size-Fits-All?

At first glance, a one-size-fits-all legal call center appears to be the easiest and most affordable method for handling prospective clients, especially when you're not in the office.

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Join us at STLA’s 2020 Annual Mardi Gras Conference in New Orleans!

STLA's 32nd Annual Conference at Mardi Gras is coming up on February 19-23, 2020 at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans. Will we see you there?

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The Ideal Intake Hold Time and Why It Matters

Firms and their staff members can become easily overwhelmed trying to accommodate a growing supply of potential new clients, which can lead to losing thousands in revenue.

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On the Alert Communications Blog we're publishing articles dedicated to helping your law firm improve client intake and increase marketing ROI. Our team of experts regularly research, report on, and write about topics that help us super serve the legal industry, and specifically the personal injury and mass tort sectors.    

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      How Law Firms Deal with Call Overflow

      More than 42% of law firms consistently lose leads due to their call overflow practices. When lines are busy, many law firms allow calls to go[...]