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How to Qualify Mass Tort Leads

Qualifying mass tort leads

In these uncertain economic times, converting leads into signed clients in a timely manner and stopping their shopping process is more important than ever. In order to convert, fast and accurate lead qualification is vital. 

The following outlines how to properly and efficiently qualify mass tort leads.

General Client Information

With respect to mass tort litigation, the lead qualification process differs depending on the nature and current stage of the mass tort case. Some pieces of information, however, your legal intake staff should collect regardless. 

In fact, these four items should be apart of every law firm’s intake protocol:

  • Gathering basic contact information, such as name, address, phone/fax, and email
  • Obtaining information related to the case
  • Setting follow-up appointments before ending the initial contact
  • Getting a signed retainer agreement before ending the phone call (if possible)

Screening for Mass Tort Leads

Intake protocol for mass tort changes depending on the phase of the litigation; that is, whether the lead comes in pre-litigation, at the litigation stage, or at the settlement stage.

  • Pre-litigation: Expect to see loose criteria at this juncture, such as general contact information and ascertaining the lead's type of case
  • Litigation: In this stage, your intake staff should collect specifics about each individual's case. For example, the medical history of the lead becomes more relevant. For product liability, how long the person used the product is important to the injuries sustained
  • Settlement: At this point, the screening process becomes very specific and heavily weighted to solicit medical information geared toward evaluating damages. It's important to understand short time frames characterize this stage, so obtaining as much information as possible during the initial contact is critical

The Training Process for Intake Staff

Your law firm should have trained legal intake specialists handling mass tort inquiries at all times, whether they come in via phone or online. Professional call handling, especially in the legal realm, requires certain skills

Legal intake specialists should have extensive training in the following before they are able to qualify mass tort leads:

  • Understanding the legal industry and its terminology, as well as the case at hand 
  • Using the proper tone of voice and listening skills to put leads at ease and figure out their legal needs
  • Empathizing with leads that may be highly emotional or nervous; for example, due to themselves or a loved one being injured by a product
  • Controlling the direction of each call in order to gather all of the necessary information for qualification 
  • Obtaining electronic signatures for retainers and all the proper medical and consent forms at the initial point of contact 
  • Closing the loop and making clear next steps by scheduling an appointment or performing a warm transfer to a lawyer

All Things Considered... 

Here are some final thoughts on qualifying leads in the context of mass tort litigation. 

  • Lead qualification conducted poorly can cast a shadow on your firm's abilities and scare away legitimate leads
  • Relying on basic scripts is ineffective; instead, tailor your firm's intake protocol to fit each particular case and the current phase of litigation 
  • Only allow select intake specialists trained in identifying qualified leads and converting them into clients to respond to your mass tort inquiries 

To learn more about qualifying and converting leads in mass tort cases, we invite you to download our eBook: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Leads Are Not Lost in Your Next Mass Tort Campaign.

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