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How to Improve Client Intake Without Hiring Additional Staff

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Providing a superior client experience starts from the moment a prospective client calls your office the very first time. That first phone call, focused on intake, is key. Improving your legal intake process is important for overall client experience, as well as your bottom line. We have put together a few ways you can improve the process without hiring additional staff.

  • Be Responsive - Responsiveness means responding as quickly and positively as possible to phone calls, web forms, chat messages and emails when a potential client reaches out to you. The speed of this communication is important, and responding with a live message is equally important. Having trained intake specialists is essential, as they can offer much of the same information YOU yourself could provide, and they are focused on one thing--getting a lead to become a client. A legal intake partner should provide empathetic intake specialists who know the legal profession so your firm is always represented professionally.
  • Streamline your Retainer Services - Use a legal intake partner to interact with your law firm’s leads (via phone, web form, email, text or chat), and send out contracts on the law firm’s behalf, saving ample time. By sending contracts quickly, you ensure your firm gets the business, and you can begin serving the client’s needs as soon as possible.
  • It Starts with the Website - Be sure your website clearly demonstrates all of the services you offer. Information must be easy to find and adequately explained so potential leads can find what they are looking for. The goal of your website is to make it simple for prospective clients to determine if your firm can serve their needs. 
  • Take Advantage of Your Phone Lines - Use an advanced phone system that allows calls to be sent directly to a call center after hours or when call volume is high. Then, you can handle the calls personally, when it is practical, but pass them to a legal client intake expert when it is not.
  • Practice Excellent Legal Phone Etiquette - The person answering your calls should have stellar legal phone etiquette. This gives your firm a professional air and helps your clients feel they are in good hands. This also means it’s likely your firm will receive good reviews online and will keep those word-of-mouth referrals coming your way. Empathy is key if you hope to help the client feel like you are dedicated to their cause.

Remember, the first impression your firm makes when working with a potential client sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Being responsive, showing empathy and using technology can improve satisfaction with the intake process, without the need to hire additional staff. If you would like more information about working with a professional call center, focused on legal, reach out to Alert Communications today. We look forward to helping you best serve your clients, and in turn, grow your firm with our special brand of legal intake services.

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