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How a Bilingual Legal Answering Service Can Improve Client Retention and Loyalty

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More than 350 different languages are spoken in homes across the United States with Spanish following close behind English in popularity, as reported by the United States Census Bureau. As the U.S. population grows and diversifies, the need for bilingual support for your law firm continues to increase.

With the support of bilingual intake specialists, you can cast a wide net in your marketing efforts and serve different populations in order to accelerate the growth of your business. To get started, explore how a bilingual answering service can improve client retention and loyalty to your law firm.

The Value of Bilingual Support

Although you cannot realistically provide coverage for all 350 languages, you can start adding support for the most used languages, such as Spanish. With the buying power of the U.S. Hispanic population likely to hit $1.7 trillion in 2020, you can definitely benefit from tapping into this growing market.

By adding support for this language, you can ensure that people who predominantly speak Spanish can comfortably reach out for legal representation. With bilingual intake specialists, you can effectively serve more prospects and stop the shopping process by offering helpful solutions. When prospective clients feel understood and valued, they’re more likely to sign on as your client.

Bilingual Support = Long-Term Client Retention and Loyalty

With this level of service, clients tend to stick around due to the trust you’re able to establish. First, bilingual support removes the language barrier, allowing prospective clients to clearly communicate their needs and receive a solution without having anything lost in translation. It also helps to foster relationships, as bilingual intake specialists can better understand clients’ needs and empathize with them. As a result, they will feel confident and comfortable in your abilities to handle their case.

Support from a bilingual answering service also helps to provide a superior client experience, which can also improve lead conversion rates and retention. Bilingual intake specialists can offer the support your clients need, acting as a main point of contact for those who speak another language to ensure they always receive clear and comprehensive support.

This makes it more likely that they will use your services in the future and even recommend your firm to their friends and family.

How Alert Can Help

If you are not prepared to hire a full intake department with bilingual specialists, you should outsource this task to a qualified team to ensure your clients have full support. At Alert Communications, we offer Spanish-language support to our clients. Sixty percent of our intake team are Spanish-speakers and we are staffed 24/7 with bilingual employees. With this option, you can rest assured that your firm is properly equipped to serve the large Spanish population.

Utilizing Bilingual Call Answering Service to Improve Your Marketing Success

When you commit to providing bilingual support for your clients, you can expand your client base and better serve your local community. If you would like to proceed in partnering with a bilingual call answering service for your law firm, explore the options available from Alert Communications. With our legal answering services, you can ensure your prospective and current clients receive the highest level of service and support every step of the way.

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