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How Law Firms Deal with Call Overflow

Best Practices for Law Firms Working Remotely

How Legal Call Centers Collaborate with Marketing

Client Communications - COVID-19 - Follow Up

Client Communications - COVID-19

How to Optimize Electronic Signatures (E-Sign) at Your Law Firm

How to Digitally Market Immigration Services in 2020

A Timeline of the Zofran Litigation

A Look Inside Our Legal Call Center

7 Lead Generation Strategies for Immigration Attorneys

Converting Legal Leads: Lawyers vs. Legal Intake Specialists

Emerging Litigation: NUEDEXTA

How Legal Call Centers Change the Lead's Buyer's Journey

5 Ways H-1B Visas Will Change in 2020

Optimizing Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

Legal Intake Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

The 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Law Firm's Efficiency

Is Legal Call Center Intake One-Size-Fits-All?

Join us at STLA’s 2020 Annual Mardi Gras Conference in New Orleans!

The Ideal Intake Hold Time and Why It Matters

The Real Value of a Lost Legal Lead

Guest Blog: The Impact of eLearning On the Legal Industry In 2020

Roundup Mass Tort: What's The Latest?

How Your Legal Intake Center Converts Web Leads

5 of the Top Mass Torts to Look Out for in 2020

Essure Birth Control Litigation in 2020

Looking Back: The Top Mass Torts of 2019

Will We See You at AAJ 2020?

Updates on the Invokana Mass Tort

Should You Hire a Call Center for Your Growing Legal Firm?

8 Ways We Train Our Legal Intake Specialists

5 Privacy Standards You Should Expect From Your Legal Intake Call Center

Customization is Key for Legal Call Centers

See You at the Annual Trial Lawyers Summit 2020!

Recent Updates on Transvaginal Pelvic Mesh

From Contact to Contract: The Journey of a Legal Lead

7 Latest Facts About the Viagra Litigation

8 Medical Devices That Have Sparked Mass Tort Litigation

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Alert Communications - FAQs

Recorded Webinar: Outsourcing Legal Intake for Success

The Benefits of a Bilingual Answering Service for Your Law Firm

6 Ways to Market a Mass Torts Practice and Attract New Leads

What You Need to Know About Asbestos and Mesothelioma/Lung Cancer

More Than Just Intake: 7 Features Your Legal Call Center Should Provide

Update: The Growing JUUL Litigation

How to Make Your Legal Call Center Part of Your Team

What is going on with the Gadolinium Litigation?

Will we see you at the RPWB Litigation Seminar?

The Difference Between Overflow vs. After-Hours Coverage

The Top 4 Do's and Don'ts for Legal Intake Technology

See You at the 32nd Annual AILA California Chapters Conference!

Does Your Call Center Use Virtual Receptionists or Intake Specialists?

Why Technology is an Important Factor in Choosing a Legal Intake Partner

10 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Legal Call Center

What's going on with the Tenofovir Litigation?

4 Ways Technology Improves Client Experience During the Intake Process

Upcoming Litigation: Zantac OTC Heartburn Medication

How to Improve Client Intake Without Hiring Additional Staff

Law Firm Technology 101

A Top Mass Torts to Watch: Just For Men Litigation

Alert Featured on Lawyerist Podcast Episode #242

5 Costly Technology Pitfalls to Avoid During the Legal Intake Process

3 Reasons to Attend MTMP This Fall

Call Center vs. Legal Call Center: What's the Difference?

JUUL Labs, Inc. Warned By the FDA

Simplifying the Pricing of Legal Call Centers

See you at the Great Legal Marketing Summit 2019!

3 Ways Technology Prevents Leads from Falling Through the Cracks

Alert's Improved Library of Resources for Growing Firms

Why Leveraging Technology is Key for Converting Law Firm Leads

Mass Tort Update: Xeljanz

How Contract Services Can Improve Legal Client Conversion

Join us at the ATAA Annual Symposium in Music City!

See You at Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 4.0!

The Real Impact of Inbound Response

Litigation Update: Proton Pump Inhibitors

How to Accurately Compare Call Centers

Partnering with Legal Marketing Agencies

Responsiveness: The Key to Higher Client Conversion

How to Get the Most Out of Your Legal Marketing Company

A Timeline of Major Mass Tort Litigation Throughout the Years

Pricing of a Call Center: What is Fair?

What Is a Warm Transfer?

How to Convert More Web Leads in Your Firm

What Sparked the Emerging Taxotere Mass Tort Cases?

How to Determine the Costs of Legal Answering Services

4 Latest Facts About the Opioid Litigation

Why Marketing Agencies Love Superior Client Intake

5 Tips for Improving Your Law Firm Marketing ROI

Will you be Attending AAJ Annual Convention 2019?

What You Need to Know About the Recent Xarelto Settlement

Is it Too Risky? Your Data Security Questions Answered

What Legal Marketing Agencies Say About Call Centers

What Size Law Firm Benefits from a Call Center?

How to Capture Legal Leads From Multiple Marketing Channels

Are You Attending SmartAdvocate User Conference in NYC?

Mass Tort Update: The Zostavax Litigation

Emerging Mass Tort: Textured Breast Implants and Increased Risk of Cancer

How Off-Label Marketing Can Lead to Mass Tort Claims

Why You Need a Bilingual Call Answering Service

Why You Should Attend PILMMA Super Summit 2019

The Benefits of a 24/7/365 Live Answering Service

6 Things/Events That Can Trigger a Mass Tort

What is Patch Time and How Does it Work?

What is happening with the HIV Drug Truvada?

How a Legal Intake Service Can Reduce Your Staffing Needs

Is Your Call Center in the USA?

Are you attending Vista Annual Conference 2019?

Alert Communications Featured on Episode #221 Lawyerist Podcast

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and its Long History of Mass Tort Cases

Boost Your Mass Tort Campaigns with These 3 Tips

Surgical Staplers are on the Rise, So are the Lawsuits

The Major Differences in Legal Call Centers (and What You Should Look For)

Upcoming Mass Tort: Essure Birth Control

Talk Time vs. Work Time: What Do They Mean for Law Firms?

Update: Monsanto Takes Hit in Federal Bellwether Trial over Roundup

The Important Role of Empathy Training in Legal Intake

The Role of Clinical Trial Data in Mass Tort

The Common Misconceptions of Working With a Legal Call Center

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss MTMP

Emerging Mass Tort: Uloric

The True Costs of a Receptionist (and How Alert Can Help You Save Money)

10 Ways to Prepare Your Law Firm for a Marketing Campaign

How to Know If Your Legal Intake Partner is Working For You

The Latest on the IVC Filter Mass Tort

Introducing the New Alert… Logo

Bilingual Legal Answering Services Improve Client Retention & Loyalty

What Every Mass Tort Lawyer Should Know About Vaccine Injury Claims

What is Call Patching and Why is it Important to Law Firms?

3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Legal Clients

Calculating the Cost of Losing a Legal Lead

3 Ways to Reduce Multitasking and Increase Intake Efficiency

Are Your Legal Answering Services Hurting or Helping Your Business?

Top 5 Mass Torts to Watch in 2019

Bard Hernia Mesh: What You Need to Know

Is Your Legal Answering Service Just Not Cutting it?

Mass Tort News: Defective 3M Combat Arms Earplugs

Top Metrics Your Intake Partner Should Transparently Track for You

Benefits of an After-Hours Legal Call Center

Lead Tracking and CRM Integration: Legal Intake Musts

National Trial Lawyers Summit 2019

How to Optimize Your Intake for Mass Tort

Johnson & Johnson and Mesothelioma: The Next Big Mass Tort?

5 Things Every Legal Client Intake Form Should Have

Do You Know How Many Leads You Are Losing?

Legal Inbound Call Services Will Improve Attorney-Client Relationships

7 Questions to Answer to Properly Evaluate Your Intake Process

Retainer Services for Law Firms Maximize ROI

5 Things Your Legal Intake Partner Should Be Doing

The Training Process of a Legal Intake Specialist

There is Still Time to Acquire Valsartan Cases

6 Best Practices to Ensure You’re Converting on the First Call

How to Calculate How Much Revenue You’re Losing with Lost Leads

5 Reasons You're Losing Leads with Your Mass Tort Marketing Campaign

Invest in Legal Intake Professionals for the New Year

The Top Benefits to Your Law Firm for Improving Your Intake Process

Stop the Shopping Process for your Mass Tort Marketing Leads

Guide to Hiring an Answering Service for Attorneys

Capture Every Lead with Intake Conversion Experts

The Death of Legal Client Intake: Multitasking

Legal Answering Service & Law Firm Efficiency

How to Limit Bad Call-In Experiences

Call Center for Legal Services: A Holiday Must

What is Reaction Time and Why Does it Matter?

What is Lead Tracking and How Does it Work?

Bloomberg's "The American Dream" Featuring Alert

Legal Intake Conversion for Mass Tort

Outsourcing Mass Tort Contract Services

Investing in a Bilingual Lawyer Answering Service

Why Your Law Firm Should Add E-Sign

Effective Mass Tort Intake for Your Next Campaign

Law Firm Answering Service for the Holidays

Your Legal Consumers Want Convenience

Multitasking Kills Law Firm Lead Generation

CRM/CMS Systems & Legal Contract Services

Can Your Legal Intake System Withstand Disaster?

4 Lawyer Answering Service Myths Debunked

Three Necessary Specialized Services for Law Firms

Tips for an Effective Law Firm Intake

Is Your Sales Process Turning Potential Clients Off?

5 Signs You Need a Legal Call Answering Service

Join Us At Law Firm 500

Join Us At MTMP

Are Law Firms Becoming Obsolete?

Hire a Legal Intake Partner for Client Satisfaction

Is Your Law Firm Future-Proof?

What to Look For in a Virtual Legal Receptionist

Always Follow Up to Help Boost Client Base

Specialized Legal Answering Service

Alert Communications Overview

Retainer Services

Join Us At The PILMMA Super Summit

Join Us At CAALA

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Join us at the M&L Summer Legal Forum

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Does Your Firm Have Good Legal Phone Etiquette?

Join Us At AILA

Using Law Firm Social Media to Grow Your Client Base

A Legal Answering Service Can Help Your Firm

Law Firm Intake and Online Reputation

Improve Client Communications at Your Law Firm

5 Tips for Choosing a Legal Answering Service

Hire a Legal Conversion Center for Your Law Firm

8 Great Benefits of Having a Legal Receptionist

The Best Call Centers are U.S.-Based

6 Reasons You Need an Attorney Answering Service

Overcoming Small Law Firm Challenges— Part 2

Overcoming Small Law Firm Challenges— Part 1

Join Us At ALA

Join Us At Mass Torts Made Perfect

Don’t Miss the Spanish-Speaking Market Opportunity

Using Psychology to Turn Leads Into Clients

Is it Time to Reassess Your Answering Service?

Convert More Leads Based on Statistics

Is Your Firm Keeping Up With Millennials? - Part 2

Is Your Firm Keeping Up With Millennials? - Part 1

Retool Your Intake Process to Increase Profits

Join Us At Trial Lawyers Summit

There is Power in Keeping it Personal

Disaster Preparedness – Plan to Stay in Business

Training the Right Intake Specialist for Your Firm

Hiring the Right Intake Specialist for Your Law Firm

Saving Versus Investing: Which is Better?

Convert Callers and Ditch Voicemail Already

Empathy vs. Sympathy - Alert Communications

Four Attributes of Good Customer Service

Convey a Professional Image with a Call Center

Questions to Ask When Processing Leads

Top Ways to Convert Website Visitors

Legal Intake Service Performance

Your Next Legal Marketing Campaign

Crafting a Law Firm Welcome Email

How to Improve Your Appointment Scheduling

Why Your Phone Operator Needs to be Trained Properly

3 Signs Your Firm Needs a Call Center

Lead Intake Is An Art Law Firms Should Master

How Efficient Is Your Law Firm?

Phone Answering vs. Attorney Answering Service

Virtual Office Answering Service

Should You Use an Inbound Call Center Service?

Reduce Overhead & Save Using a Call Center

The Right U.S. Call Center Service

Is a Phone Answering Service for Your Company?

Call Center Services Improve Customer Service

Benefits of Inbound Call Center Services

Grow with Call Center Service CA

Shopping for a Business Answering Service

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Answering Service

Why Call Centers in California Make Economic Sense

Answering Services: Helping Your Business

24-Hour Call Centers

Inbound Call Answer Service Advantages

Inbound Call Answer FAQs/Call Answer Service FAQs

Spanish Answering Service

Spanish Answering Services FAQs

Attorney Answering Services

Virtual Receptionist Services

Live Receptionist Service

Virtual Office Answering Services

Live Call Answering Services

Remote Receptionist Service

Virtual Office Answering for Inbound Calls

Grow Your Personal Injury Practice

Convey a More Professional Image

An Extension of Your Law Firm's Staff

Times Attorneys are Glad They Use a Call Center

Our Company in 2014

Our Awards

How to Build a Relationship During a Phone Call

Why Good Customer Service is Important

How We Work with Our Clients to Build a Phone Script

Importance of Empathy When Answering Your Law Firm's Phone

Is Your Receptionist Trained in Legal Terms?

How Pre-screening Calls Saves Your Law Firm Time

Building Relationships During a Phone Call

Ribbon Cutting to Celebrate Move to Camarillo

Why You Should Return Calls Within 15 Minutes

Alert's Annual Employee Appreciation Week

Call Centers Build Trust with Law Firm Clients

Hire a Spanish Attorney Intake Call Center

Alert Wins The 2013 Call Center Award of Distinction

Kicking The Year Off With A Bang

Alert Communications Wins CAM-X Award of Excellence

Outstanding Service Earns National Award

Best Times to Respond to Online Leads

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Firm

Attack Legal Intake with 24/7 Legal Receptionists

10 Answering Service Tips

3 Jobs for a Virtual Receptionist

Specialized Lawyers Answering Service Benefits

4 Ways Legal Call Centers Can Reduce Costs

Answering Services Increase Customer Loyalty

Maximize Opportunity Six Ways

Increase Your Bottom Line

Alert Enjoys Holiday Giving

Message Taking Habits to Pick Up On

Handling the Irate Caller: The Do’s & Don’ts

How Effective are Your Call Handling Protocols?

Shopping For Business Answering Services Checklist

Call Etiquette for Virtual Receptionists

Alert Wins CAM-X Silver Plus Award

Organizing the Life of a Bankruptcy Attorney

Boost Productivity and Profitability

Virtual Receptionists Cutting Costs and Going Green

Developing Positive Agent to Caller Relationships

Alert Earned the ATSI Award of Excellence

Open Communication for Success

ATSI Awards Gold Call Center Certification

4 Functions of an Answering Service Script

Convert Leads With a Professional Answering Service

Instantly Respond to Click-to-Call Web Leads

Don’t Let a Lack of Staff Lead to a Lack of Business

e-Marketing Essentials

Fourth Quarter Is the New Destination

Answering the Phone is Part of the Sales Process

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Answering Service

Virtual Receptionists Make You the Exception

Well-Trained Answering Service Agents Are a Must

Multitasking: Does it Work?

6 Ways to Save With Your Answering Service

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      How Law Firms Deal with Call Overflow

      More than 42% of law firms consistently lose leads due to their call overflow practices. When lines are busy, many law firms allow calls to go[...]