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10 Skills & Qualities Your Intake Team Should Have

Overview: Paraquat Herbicide Exposure Lawsuits

Why Most Law Firms Fail to Optimize Intake & How Yours Can Do Better

The Importance of Reporting in Legal Intake

Does Your Law Firm Have a Well-Designed Intake Process?

Why Law Firms Struggle with Legal Intake and How Yours Can Do Better

Is Your Law Firm Spending Too Much on Marketing?

Is Your Law Firm Meeting Consumer Expectations?

Update: The Growing Zantac Mass Tort Litigation

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Law Firm Clients

Marketing Your Law Firm on a Tight Budget

6 Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

9 Ways to Thrive in the Evolving Legal Industry Landscape

6 Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm Answering Service

5 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm in 2021

Upcoming Litigation: Paragard IUD Lawsuits

15 Reasons to Invest in a 24/7 Legal Answering Service

9 Law Firm Call Handling Mistakes to Avoid

Legal Client Intake: 5 Things to Know

4 Alternatives to Hiring an In-House Receptionist for Your Law Firm

5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Use Legal Intake Professionals

Update: COVID-19 Wrongful Death Class Action Lawsuits

How a Legal Intake Call Center Can Create More Time in Your Workweek

The First COVID-19 Ski Resort Lawsuits

Performing Intake for Bankruptcy Leads

Update: Profemur Hip Implant Mass Tort

Will Your Law Firm's New Normal Outlast the Pandemic?

Mass Tort Update: Bayer Resolves 90% of Essure Cases

Workers' Compensation During COVID-19

How to Capitalize on Google Screened Ads

Update: Medtronic Parietex Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Update on COVID-19 Airline Refund Lawsuits

Bankruptcy Laws in 2020

China Faulted for COVID-19 in Lawsuits

Heating Up: AFFF (Firefighting Foam) Exposure Lawsuits

Benicar (Olmesartan) Mass Tort Litigation Overview

4 Ways Law Firms Can Scale Client Intake

Update on COVID-19 Meatpacking Plant Lawsuits

The Rise of COVID-19 Price Gouging Lawsuits

What Should Your Law Firm Blog Be About?

How to Prevent Mass Tort Leads from Going to Your Competition

4 Lead Generation Tactics for Mass Tort Practices

How to Generate Workers’ Compensation Leads

How to Make Mass Tort Advertisements That Work

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Court System

5 Ways to Obtain Qualified Leads for Mass Torts

Marketing for Bankruptcy Lawyers

How Law Firms Integrate Marketing Campaigns & Legal Client Intake

Why Mass Tort Practices Need Data Analytics

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Drugs Mass Tort Litigation

Emerging Mass Tort: Elmiron and Maculopathy

The Importance of Educational Blogs for Mass Tort Practices

Does Your Immigration Practice Have a Solid Brand Identity?

Tracking Legal Leads Across Marketing Channels

Optimizing Landing Pages for Mass Tort Leads

How to Qualify Mass Tort Leads

Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy After Paying Millions In Legal Fees

How to Know if Your Law Firm Is Losing Too Many Leads

Class Action Lawsuits Target Insurers Over Business Interruption

Emerging Dicamba Herbicides Multidistrict Litigation

Time for a Legal Answering Service Upgrade?

Class Action Updates: Coronavirus

How to Convert Legal Leads in One Phone Call

Do Legal Call Centers Provide Good ROI?

How to Market Your Immigration Law Firm

5 Best Video Conferencing Software for Temporarily Remote Law Firms

Update: Zantac Cases Assigned to Southern District of Florida

How Law Firms Deal with Call Overflow

Best Practices for Law Firms Working Remotely

How Legal Call Centers Collaborate with Marketing

Client Communications - COVID-19 - Follow Up

Client Communications - COVID-19

How to Optimize Electronic Signatures (E-Sign) at Your Law Firm

How to Digitally Market Immigration Services in 2020

A Timeline of the Zofran Litigation

A Look Inside Our Legal Call Center

7 Lead Generation Strategies for Immigration Attorneys

Converting Legal Leads: Lawyers vs. Legal Intake Specialists

Emerging Litigation: NUEDEXTA

How Legal Call Centers Change the Lead's Buyer's Journey

5 Ways H-1B Visas Will Change in 2020

Optimizing Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

Legal Intake Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

The 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Law Firm's Efficiency

Is Legal Call Center Intake One-Size-Fits-All?

Join us at STLA’s 2020 Annual Mardi Gras Conference in New Orleans!

The Ideal Intake Hold Time and Why It Matters

The Real Value of a Lost Legal Lead

Guest Blog: The Impact of eLearning On the Legal Industry In 2020

Roundup Mass Tort: What's The Latest?

How Your Legal Intake Center Converts Web Leads

5 of the Top Mass Torts to Look Out for in 2020

Essure Birth Control Litigation in 2020

Looking Back: The Top Mass Torts of 2019

Will We See You at AAJ 2020?

Updates on the Invokana Mass Tort

Should You Hire a Call Center for Your Growing Legal Firm?

8 Ways We Train Our Legal Intake Specialists

5 Privacy Standards to Expect From Your Legal Intake Call Center

Customization is Key for Legal Call Centers

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Recent Updates on Transvaginal Pelvic Mesh

From Contact to Contract: The Journey of a Legal Lead

7 Latest Facts About the Viagra Litigation

8 Medical Devices That Have Sparked Mass Tort Litigation

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Alert Communications: FAQs

Recorded Webinar: Outsourcing Legal Intake for Success

The Benefits of a Bilingual Answering Service for Your Law Firm

6 Ways to Market a Mass Torts Practice and Attract New Leads

What You Need to Know About Asbestos and Mesothelioma/Lung Cancer

More Than Intake: 7 Features Your Legal Call Center Should Provide

Update: The Growing JUUL Litigation

How to Make Your Legal Call Center Part of Your Team

What is going on with the Gadolinium Litigation?

Will we see you at the RPWB Litigation Seminar?

The Difference Between Overflow vs. After-Hours Coverage

The Top 4 Do's and Don'ts for Legal Intake Technology

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Does Your Call Center Use Virtual Receptionists or Intake Specialists?

Why Technology is Important When Choosing a Legal Intake Partner

10 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Legal Call Center

What's going on with the Tenofovir Litigation?

4 Ways Technology Improves Client Experience During the Intake Process

Upcoming Litigation: Zantac OTC Heartburn Medication

How to Improve Client Intake Without Hiring Additional Staff

Law Firm Technology 101

A Top Mass Torts to Watch: Just For Men Litigation

Alert Featured on Lawyerist Podcast Episode #242

5 Costly Technology Pitfalls to Avoid During the Legal Intake Process

3 Reasons to Attend MTMP This Fall

Call Center vs. Legal Call Center: What's the Difference?

JUUL Labs, Inc. Warned By the FDA

Simplifying the Pricing of Legal Call Centers

See you at the Great Legal Marketing Summit 2019!

3 Ways Technology Prevents Leads from Falling Through the Cracks

Alert's Improved Library of Resources for Growing Firms

Why Leveraging Technology is Key for Converting Law Firm Leads

Mass Tort Update: Xeljanz

How Contract Services Can Improve Legal Client Conversion

Join us at the ATAA Annual Symposium in Music City!

See You at Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 4.0!

The Real Impact of Inbound Response

Litigation Update: Proton Pump Inhibitors

How to Accurately Compare Call Centers

Partnering with Legal Marketing Agencies

Responsiveness: The Key to Higher Client Conversion

How to Get the Most Out of Your Legal Marketing Company

A Timeline of Major Mass Tort Litigation Throughout the Years

Pricing of a Call Center: What is Fair?

What Is a Warm Transfer?

How to Convert More Web Leads in Your Firm

What Sparked the Emerging Taxotere Mass Tort Cases?

How to Determine the Costs of Legal Answering Services

4 Latest Facts About the Opioid Litigation

Why Marketing Agencies Love Superior Client Intake

5 Tips for Improving Your Law Firm Marketing ROI

Will you be Attending AAJ Annual Convention 2019?

What You Need to Know About the Recent Xarelto Settlement

Is it Too Risky? Your Data Security Questions Answered

What Legal Marketing Agencies Say About Call Centers

What Size Law Firm Benefits from a Call Center?

How to Capture Legal Leads From Multiple Marketing Channels

Are You Attending SmartAdvocate User Conference in NYC?

Mass Tort Update: The Zostavax Litigation

Emerging Mass Tort: Textured Breast Implants and Increased Cancer Risk

How Off-Label Marketing Can Lead to Mass Tort Claims

Why You Need a Bilingual Call Answering Service

Why You Should Attend PILMMA Super Summit 2019

The Benefits of a 24/7/365 Live Answering Service

6 Things/Events That Can Trigger a Mass Tort

What is Patch Time and How Does it Work?

What is happening with the HIV Drug Truvada?

How a Legal Intake Service Can Reduce Your Staffing Needs

Is Your Call Center in the USA?

Are you attending Vista Annual Conference 2019?

Alert Communications Featured on Episode #221 Lawyerist Podcast

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and its Long History of Mass Tort Cases

Boost Your Mass Tort Campaigns with These 3 Tips

Surgical Staplers are on the Rise, So are the Lawsuits

Major Differences in Legal Call Centers (and What You Should Look For)

Upcoming Mass Tort: Essure Birth Control

Talk Time vs. Work Time: What Do They Mean for Law Firms?

Update: Monsanto Takes Hit in Federal Bellwether Trial over Roundup

The Important Role of Empathy Training in Legal Intake

The Role of Clinical Trial Data in Mass Tort

The Common Misconceptions of Working With a Legal Call Center

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss MTMP

Emerging Mass Tort: Uloric

True Costs of a Receptionist (and How Alert Can Help You Save Money)

10 Ways to Prepare Your Law Firm for a Marketing Campaign

How to Know If Your Legal Intake Partner is Working For You

The Latest on the IVC Filter Mass Tort

Introducing the New Alert… Logo

Bilingual Legal Answering Services Improve Client Retention & Loyalty

What Every Mass Tort Lawyer Should Know About Vaccine Injury Claims

What is Call Patching and Why is it Important to Law Firms?

3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Legal Clients

Calculating the Cost of Losing a Legal Lead

3 Ways to Reduce Multitasking and Increase Intake Efficiency

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On the Alert Communications Blog we're publishing articles dedicated to helping your law firm improve client intake and increase marketing ROI. Our team of experts regularly research, report on, and write about topics that help us super serve the legal industry, and specifically the personal injury and mass tort sectors.    

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