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5 Things Your Legal Intake Partner Should Be Doing

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Operating a law firm can be challenging when it comes to client services. There never seems to be enough time or bandwidth to handle the little details like scheduling appointments and tracking leads. Lack of response can lead to clients and potential clients not receiving the level of care they need and even reduce your lead conversion rates. Essentially, lack of staff and support will prevent leads from becoming paying clients.

However, partnering with a legal answering service can help your law firm overcome many of the challenges with capturing and converting potential clients. But they aren’t all created equal, so we’ve shared five things your legal intake partner should be doing to help you achieve your business goals.

1. New Client Intake

New client intake is vital because it helps to ensure your firm can capture every new lead and increase your chance of turning them into clients. Plus, it helps with overflow. At Alert, we have intake specialists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they’re knowledgeable in legal terminology and call control in addition to having empathy skills. These representatives understand the different areas of law and can classify cases correctly with skill and confidence.

2. Virtual Receptionist Services

Your legal answering service can provide around-the-clock, personalized assistance to your potential clients and existing clients alike. Having this partnership means that long after you’ve gone home for the evening or if you’re away on vacation, your office is still up and running - and you don’t have to employ a full-time receptionist.

3. Spanish Support and Translation

Today, more than ever, we live in a multicultural society. Being able to communicate with and work with the Spanish-speaking population will expand your market and allow you to communicate with a large pool of potential clients that you might otherwise overlook. At Alert Communications, our staff speaks both Spanish and English, so we can effectively handle the intake process with clients who speak either language.

4. CRM/Case Management Software Integration

A skilled legal intake partner can collect information and push it directly to your CRM/CMS system. Integration helps with lead tracking and ensures that you can follow up on leads promptly. Alert works with nearly every legal-based CRM/CMS platform to support law firms like yours.

5. Contract Execution

The reality is, you’ll close more deals if you can “seal the deal” on that first client contact. When handling new client intake, your legal answering service should be able to deliver and sign contracts and fee agreements on the initial call without breaking contact. At Alert Communications, we deliver contracts in multiple ways, by text or email (utilizing e-signature) or by FedEx. Plus, you can relax with the knowledge that we are HIPAA compliant.

The value of working with a legal intake partner is obvious. Finding the right one for your firm is crucial. Make sure the partner you choose provides the services and features above to maximize your investment and drive clear, measurable results.

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