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Effective Mass Tort Intake for Your Next Campaign

Mass tort intake

Many law firms spend thousands on aggressive mass tort marketing campaigns to bring in potential new clients.

Mass tort marketing is an effective way to gain more leads, but often firms don’t fully optimize on the campaign efforts.

When you launch a large-scale marketing campaign, the goal is for the phone to be ringing off the hook. So what happens next?

It is imperative to have an effective mass tort intake system in place to ensure that you capture every lead that comes your way and none of your marketing dollars go to waste.

Here’s how to implement a strong mass tort intake system at your law firm.

Bolster Your In-House Mass Tort Intake System

When you are thinking about launching a massive campaign, first and foremost, you need to make sure you have enough bandwidth to cover the incoming calls.

Does your firm have one or two receptionists to handle calls along with other administrative tasks? Or do you have an entire intake department dedicated to answering calls and qualifying leads? Or, maybe, you are somewhere in between.

If you have a small team of one or two receptionists who juggle intake along with other tasks, consider hiring a couple more employees to handle the increased call volume. Dedicate people to only answering calls. This way, your incoming leads will get the attention they deserve.

If you already have a dedicated intake team, you already have the upper hand. However, there are some critical protocols to follow to help you succeed.

Merely answering calls and taking notes is not enough to capture, qualify, and convert potential clients who have called in responding to your campaign.

You need to make sure your team has received the proper training to deal with vulnerable people in a state of turmoil. Answering these types of calls requires training in legal terminology, psychology, and empathy.

If your team isn’t prepared for any situation on the front lines of your campaign, you risk losing leads and upsetting potential clients who could quickly move onto the next firm, essentially causing you to waste marketing dollars to benefit another law firm.

If you choose to handle mass tort intake in-house, make sure to bolster up and do it right!

Partner with a Legal Answering Service

We’re a firm believer that partnering with a legal answering service is the most effective way to optimize a marketing campaign.

Here are some advantages to a legal answering service:

  • The service is open 24/7/365
  • They offer bilingual support
  • You don’t have to spend the money to hire and train additional employees to handle an influx of calls during a campaign
  • Each intake specialist is already taught in legal terminology, psychology and empathy, so you don’t have to worry about it
  • One hundred percent of the attention will be on your potential new clients, since answering calls for law firms is the sole focus of a legal answering service. There is no multitasking!
  • A legal answering service can qualify leads for you and even convert them on the spot if they offer contract services, which would maximize your ROI even further

Law firms can be crippled by the overwhelming amount of inbound phone calls that come during a mass tort campaign. Not to mention, there are contact forms and emails to juggle, plus sending and retrieving contracts and follow-up documents promptly.

Initiating a large campaign is a significant investment, and you want to be confident that your money is well spent.

Even if you handle part of the calls in-house and outsource after-hours, weekends and overflow calls, partnering with a legal answering service could help you bring in more leads than ever before and maximize your ROI.

Just make sure you partner with the right legal answering service to handle your mass tort intake.

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