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CRM/CMS Systems & Legal Contract Services

CRM/CMS Attracting and capturing legal clients is a top priority at any law firm. However, as your firm grows, it may become harder and harder to organize leads and existing clients.

Not a bad problem to have—especially when you have CRM/CMS systems as a solution.

An effective legal CRM/CMS solution can streamline the way your law firm does business and aid in getting more contracts signed, boosting your legal contract services altogether.

We’ll break it down for you.


With all of your clients’ information in one place, CRM/CMS systems save time and energy. It’s organized, it’s quick, and it’s easy.

With the right database, everything can be automated, making it easier for you to capture more leads and get more contracts signed.

It’s that simple.

Stronger Relationships

CRM/CMS systems keep you organized, which makes it easier for you and your employees to respond to clients and answer questions properly.

When potential clients and clients call, all you have to do is pull up their information, and everything you know about them is right at your fingertips—their contact information, how far along they are in the sales process, how long they’ve been a client, and so on.

Potential clients and current clients alike will appreciate how knowledgeable and on top of it you are. This attentiveness builds stronger relationships that lead to more contracts signed, and—of course—even stronger loyalty from those who are already paying customers.

Marketing Research

When you have a CRM/CMS system in place, it’s like you have a goldmine of information telling exactly who your customers are. All of their information is in one convenient place.

This valuable data can help you build a target persona around your client base. You can answer questions like:

  • Who are they?
  • Why did they reach out to you in the first place?
  • What are their motivations?
  • What was their channel for reaching you?

Ultimately, you can figure out why they chose your firm so you can target others the same way, which can help create an effective marketing strategy to bring in even more leads, and get even more contracts signed.

If you feel like you don’t have enough information still, you can gain even more insight by sending out market research surveys to your already loyal clients.

Email Campaigns

A CRM/CMS system can also help with your email campaigns. Having all of your client’s contact information in one place makes it easy to reach out again and remind them about your services from time to time.

If you lose a lead, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them forever. Maybe the lead isn’t ready for your services at the time, but if you keep them on an email drip campaign, your law firm will stay at the top of their minds.

When that client or their friends and family need a lawyer, you will be the first one they think of.

This top-of-mind awareness can help with client acquisition and bolstering your legal contract services.

Alert Bolsters Your CRM/CMS and Legal Contract Services

Alert can help you stay up-to-date and organized with your CRM/CMS by pushing all of the information we collect during intake directly into your system.

We integrate with just about every platform out there that caters to the legal industry, thanks to our solutions architects. Once we are fully integrated and have figured out what works for your law firm, it’s a pretty hands-off process on your end.

Alert can also help you with signing contracts because we offer legal contract services of our own.

Whether your leads come in by phone, chat, web form, email or text, we can take your leads from “Contact-2-Contract.” You don’t have to do anything until we deliver the contract and the new client to your firm and CRM/CMS systems. Learn more about our contract services here.

Let us help you capture more leads into your CRM/CMS system so you can turn them into paying clients, bolster your legal contract services, and maximize your ROI. For more information, visit https://www.alertcommunications.com or call 844-694-6825.

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