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4 Lawyer Answering Service Myths Debunked

Myth vs. RealityThere are a lot of misconceptions about lawyer answering services that stop law firms from utilizing out-of-house services to field their calls and intake.

What if we told you not all the myths are true? Here are four lawyer answering service myths debunked.

Myth 1: All Call Centers Are the Same

The notion that all call centers are the same is simply not true. A lawyer answering service is a call center specifically tailored for law firms, and they do much more than take messages.

Top-notch lawyer answering services ask the right questions, can deliver you complete intakes, qualify your clients, and even sign them to your firm… all of this often on the very first call.

The purpose is to take that administrative workload off of your shoulders and allow you to do what you do best—practice law.

Lawyer answering services are specialized and intended to help your law firm succeed by capturing more leads and turning them into paying clients.

Not every call center has these capabilities; therefore they are not all the same.

Myth 2: All Call Centers Today are Outside of the U.S.

While it’s true a lot of companies (across all industries) are outsourcing their calls to places outside of the United States, there are still call centers strictly on American soil.

It’s no secret legal clients want customer service devoid of language barriers. And why risk dealing with mitigation issues? Cross-border calls can leave your law firm open to many risks, as they aren’t governed by U.S. laws.

A lot of firms are afraid outsourcing their intake efforts will damage their firm’s reputation for these reasons, but hiring the right U.S.-based call center could actually do the opposite.

And yes, they do still exist!

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that some call centers will claim they are U.S.-based, but only part of their operations is on U.S. soil, the rest located in other countries. Always do your research when searching for a lawyer answering service.

Myth 3: Lack of Proper Training

If you make sure to find the right lawyer answering service, specifically tailored to law firms, you will never have to worry about training.

A respectable lawyer answering service trains their intake specialists in legal terminology, empathy, and psychology.

And this training doesn’t stop. It’s continual, frequent, and robust in order to ensure your potential clients and clients are always taken care of and your law firm’s reputation stays intact.

Myth 4: A Lawyer Answering Service Will Not Offer a Personalized Experience

In today’s world, personalization is everything.  It’s how you build trust and establish relationships.

Many fear that allowing a call center to take their calls will ruin this experience. But actually, it’s quite the contrary.

Partnering with a lawyer answering service specifically tailored to take calls for law firms—and law firms only—means your clients will be put first every time.

The intake specialists will know exactly how to answer the phone per your requested customized script, and all of their focus will be on nurturing your leads and current clients alike.

When calls come into your firm, it’s possible that whoever picks up might be too busy to devote all of their attention. Not to mention, they may not even pick up at all!

A lawyer answering service, on the other hand, is dedicated to answering calls for your firm, which gives them a lot of room to create a personal experience for your callers.

Make the Move to a Lawyer Answering Service

All myths aside, a lawyer answering service can help your law firm flourish!

Alert Communications is different from your average call center and is based solely in the United States, all under the same roof. We train our intake specialists on a continual basis, so you never have to worry. Not to mention, we’re experts at keeping it personal.

We can help you nurture and capture more leads and ultimately maximize your ROI. For more information, visit https://www.alertcommunications.com or call 844-694-6825.

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