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The Best Call Centers are U.S.-Based

U.S.-Based call center

Hiring a U.S.-based call center as opposed to a cross-border or overseas call center might cost your firm more money. However, choosing to outsource your answering service might cost you in other ways, too.

When you balance language barriers, good customer service, and the overall perception of your company with the slightly higher costs, you might find hiring a call center that operates solely on U.S. soil is actually the best and most economical option for your law firm. Not to mention, when it comes to mitigation, sending calls to another country can be risky. It’s best to keep it all U.S.-based.

Call Centers Are Moving Back Ashore

We’re not the only ones who think U.S.-based call centers are a good idea.

For a long time, companies offshored their customer service operations to places like India, the Philippines, and Mexico. But over the past few years, things have started to change. Companies are bringing their call centers back to the U.S. According to USA Today, this trend is driven by changes in technology, labor costs rising overseas, and most notably, customers demanding better service.

Language Barriers & Customer Service

Good customer service—as a lawyer, it’s something you should continually strive to give. There are too many lawyers out there not to; simply too many options, just a quick Google search away. One bad impression with a client can send them back to the internet to find another lawyer who can do exactly what you do, but with better customer service.

If you rely on a call center to make those first impressions and client encounters on your behalf, you need to make sure they are exuding good service. One thing that can instantly turn a client or potential client off is not understanding the person on the other end of the line. In fact, according to a survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers, over 89% of respondents indicated some level of frustration when they encounter a language barrier. Customers find it easier to resolve issues, especially complex ones— like needing to find a lawyer when one is emotional and injured—when there isn't a language barrier.

In the end, language barriers could cost you the perception of your company, as well as the aforementioned frustrated client’s business.


This is a big one.

When calls are sent to other countries, it leaves companies open to risk mitigation. Cross-border calls are no longer governed by U.S. laws, which can leave companies open to lawsuits when dealing with the legal world. In this case, your potential clients are giving sensitive information regarding their health and family, along with their own personal information in general. They want to know their information will be protected, especially when they are injured and in a state of turmoil.

To be safe, it’s crucial to keep your calls on U.S. soil. Make sure you hire a call center that does just that.

Note: Beware of U.S. call centers that ship their calls to other countries and don’t pass the knowledge (or savings) on to you. When you are searching for a call center based in the U.S., make sure to demand a specific answer when you ask where their agents are located.

Alert is U.S.-Based

Alert Communications doesn’t outsource to other countries. In fact, we are all under one roof in Southern California. From our administrative staff to our intake specialists, we are like a family. We pride ourselves on a strong company culture; our employees are happy, and we want to make your clients happy, too. Without a doubt, excellent customer service is one of our strongest suits. Not to mention, we are also HIPAA compliant.

Your potential clients, whether they speak English or Spanish, will have no problem communicating with our intake team. We become a seamless extension of your firm. Your clients will have no idea we are not physically at your law firm. However, they will know we aren’t located in a foreign country. They will be pleased with the excellent service we provide, all on your firm’s behalf. For more information, visit us at https://www.alertcommunications.com or call 844-694-6825.

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